Three-year-old boy inspired by his grandfather becomes keen litter picker

Three-year-old boy inspired by his grandfather becomes keen litter picker

Young Huey Bullingham loves litter picking with his grandfather, 63-year-old John, and together they regularly pick up discarded rubbish from country roads and beaches

A three-year-old boy who lives litter picking has become the world’s youngest and most adorable environmentalist.

Young Huey Billing lives in a remote part of Cornwall with his parents, Mark and Fae, and near his grandfather, 63-year-old John Bullingham.

John likes to pick up litter whenever he spots it, and the habit has been picked up by young Huey, even though he can’t pronounce it properly and calls it ‘glitter picking’.

Together, Huey and John clean the country lanes near their home in Trevone, near Padstow, Cornwall, as well as local beaches that are blighted with litter.

John said: “Huey’s encouraged by me, and he calls it glitter picking which is quite cute.

“I’ve been trying to educate him on the environment and how it helps and he’s very keen – at three and a half he seems to get it, or he’s pretending he does

“It’s all around here, or the beach and in the lanes, whenever we’re out we’ll be picking up litter.”

“Our lane is rural and you get litter thrown out the cars. I’ve been doing it for years and now Huey’s doing it with me, he loves it.

“There are lots of people that come down the lane and they all congratulate him, and he likes that.

John said that he and Huey had been inspired by local community interest company ‘Beach Guardian’, who encourage people to get out in their area and do their bit.

A spokesperson for the Beach Guardian team said: “At Beach Guardian, we love featuring our ‘stars’ – people of all ages who send us pictures and stories of their beach cleaning and litter picking experiences

“Whether this is people doing it for the first time, or having done it for years

“We’re really proud that we have been able to equip over 100 people in Cornwall so far with litter picking equipment

“It’s made a massive difference in our communities knowing that people have the equipment and knowledge of what to do through having engaged with us on one of our regular beach cleans, or having watched one of our videos on Youtube.”

Meanwhile, it has emerged that millions of Brits admit to leaving litter on a beach and say they will continue to do so – because they don’t take a rubbish bag with them on trips.

A study of 2,000 adults found almost four in ten have left rubbish behind while on the coast, and 51 per cent think they will carry on with this bad habit in the future.

A third blame it on not being close enough to any bins, but 34 per cent put it down to not having a bag with them to carry the rubbish home.

It also emerged that the average Brit visits a beach eight times a year, with half taking a picnic with them.