Woman disgusted after man shoves his gnarled bare feet under her seat on plane

Woman disgusted after man shoves his gnarled bare feet under her seat on plane

Travelling by air isn’t always a luxurious experience, as one disgusted traveller experienced recently after a fellow passenger ruined the journey with his disgusting feet

When boarding a plane, you really hope that there aren’t any troublesome passengers on board.

After all, when hurtling through the air in a small pressurised metal tube, it helps if you’re not surrounded by rude, noisy travellers.

One of the most well-known etiquette rules on a plane concern feet – and their need to stay covered by shoes and socks.

One traveller was left horrified recently after a fellow passenger shoved their disgusting-looking bare feet under their seat during a flight.

Naturally, the image of the gnarled feet sparked horror in other travellers, who were equally disgusted.

Posted on Reddit, the passenger sarcastically added the caption: “The joys of international travel”.

The image reveals the stranger’s bare feet in between the traveller’s pink vans, with their dirty toenails on show.

One person admitted: “Honestly I would just be like “get your nasty feet out of my space, that is so rude,” I really don’t think I could tolerate that.”

They added: “You better believe I’d embarrass the f*** out of them lol. This is nasty and I don’t know how anyone could think this is acceptable unless they’re socially inept.”

Another wrote: “Someone who is barefoot on a plane generally doesn’t give a s*** about etiquette”

A third wrote: “Are those feet from the troll that lives under the seat?!”

“Everyone commenting on those troll toes but all I’m looking at are those sweet ass Vans!,” added another.

One social media user had the best idea on how to prompt the traveller to move, as they suggested: “Order water, sprinkle some on your hands, pretend to sneeze, flick water on those gnarled puppies. Rinse and repeat till problem sorts itself out.”